Aziz & Company

Aziz & Company is a local imports store that focuses on handmade goods sourced from independent retailers in India.

Creating a new logo for the 50th Anniversary of my family’s business was so much more than just a branding or re-branding task. Because I grew up in this shop, for me and for the many, many people who had been coming for years or decades of their lives, it’s more than just a store, it’s an extension of their own lives and a part of their family.

So I knew that undertaking a new logo and exterior signage was a big responsibility and needed to be done with not just creativity and business savvy, but also with love and respect for an established family business.

I had a very clear idea of what I wanted but I really thought it was too big, too colourful and too complicated to ever be a feasible design. Jessica came to the shop, looked around and talked with me at length about what I wanted. She asked me very pointed questions about what I wanted to see in the design and what I wanted in my heart for my business.
And then, honestly, it was as though she went into my imagination, tipped out it’s contents and then she created the designs, with all the colour, all the dimension and all the vibrance that had been in my head - perfectly.

I honestly cannot overstate what an incredible experience it was to work with her. She understood immediately every special element of what I needed for our designs and signage and she put it together in a package that was balanced, beautiful and exuberant.

She exceeded my expectations of what I could have in my exterior signage and she made me feel listened to and respected at every step. She really made my dream come true.
— Sheena Zain, Aziz & Company



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