Squarespace services

JRD is a member of the Squarespace Specialist program, which enables designers and Squarespace users to collaborate on advanced projects that exceed Squarespace's customer care capabilities. 

One of approximately 140 specialists worldwide and one of 4 in Canada, we design custom websites that we develop on the Squarespace web builder platform. 

Have a look at our Squarespace services below. When you're ready, request a custom quote tailored to your project by contacting us!


Squarespace's tutorials, 24/7 email support and help database are great, but in the business world, you don't always get the luxury of figuring things out as you go. JRD's training sessions are 1 hour long, with 15 minutes email follow-up support as needed, and cover a range of topics. For low-tech users, we can cover the basics until you're comfortable. For advanced users, advice on why to use a feature is much more important than how. Each session is hand-tailored to the needs of your project or website.

Training is included in all of our larger or full-service packages, but sometimes an hour or two is all you need. Training can be done digitally for long-distance clients (on services like Skype, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts) or in person. Bring your team! As many as five people can attend a training session. 


The Squarespace system is robust, and offers a wide variety of tools to use. Occasionally, a tool won't be available, or the needs of the project dictate integration with another platform. Although integration isn't available for all platforms, sometimes coding integration means the difference between a smoothly functioning site and something that doesn't meet your business goals. 


Although most clients like to add and edit the content themselves, we can do that too. The most common reason for JRD to step in is that the content requires some fancy formatting, or the styles aren't applying the way you want them to. (That said, if you're experiencing this, we recommend our training, so that next time you can do it yourself!)


Even if you're already a Squarespace user, it might be time to freshen up. Often, JRD works with clients who built their original site themselves, but now that the business is doing well, they want to upgrade it. When we do a site audit or offer website consultation, some of the things we offer include: helping you maintain or improve your user interface, better reach new viewers, target content needed by existing viewers, and layout content appropriately for both web and mobile viewing. We can also provide a design/style summary of errors or incorrect style application, and suggestions to improve your brand execution on the Squarespace platform.


If you're starting a new website, we offer a variety of packages - from design and execution straight through to launch. We write customized estimates depending on your needs, budget, and available content. We offer:

  • Full design
  • Design-into-Squarespace
  • Full content setup
  • Partial content setup/content cleanup
  • Development
  • Copywriting 
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom coding