Jessica Rousseau Design is a boutique design agency based in Ottawa, Canada. We love realizing a project's vision, via thoughtful planning, efficient management, and flawless execution.

Our specialties include web design, logo development, and brand management. JRD focuses on strategic, creative, integrated design. All of our designs marry form and function to be both beautiful and successful.

When we work with a client, JRD offers a powerful combination of client education, project management, design strategy, and insistence on quality. We have also partnered with several like-minded local firms featuring amazingly talented individuals - so if the project seems bigger than we can handle - not to worry, we've got backup.  

Our clients

the Big brand builders

JRD works with many different sizes of companies, including multi-million-dollar earning firms. The brands and collateral that you get to build for the big guys require creative vision, comprehensive, efficient management and some seriously thoughtful, sleek design. Delicious.


We often work with small businesses and startups. The current competitive market requires organizations to be professional, branded, and marketed right from the beginning. Our brands are attractive, focused - and built so that the team can manage them when complete. 

Consultants & individuals

Consultants are some of the most creative people, and we always love working with them on individual projects that reflect who they are. These are some of our favourite projects because their out-of-the-box attitude means we get to really flex our creative muscles. 

Jessica Rousseau, RGD

Founder + Principal

Jessica Rousseau is a multi-talented graphic designer, artist, and entrepreneur from Ottawa, Canada. She graduated from the Algonquin College Graphic Design program in the spring of 2010, with over 20 student awards under her belt. She launched her own company, Jessica Rousseau Design in the fall of 2010, against pretty much every piece of advice her professors gave her, and has been designing ever since!

In 2015, she officially passed the exam to become a full member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), a challenging qualification that is a mark of excellence and professional principles within the graphic design industry.

She is known for her highly eclectic fashion sense, which she stopped hiding from clients in 2013. They love it, and she's very relieved she doesn't have to live a fashion double-life. Sometimes clients are disappointed when she doesn't wear a tutu to the mid-project update meetings.

Jessica also teaches at Algonquin College in the Professional Writing program. She takes students through the basics of web management, blogging and writing for web environments. 

Jessica's hobbies include  her motorcycle, costume making, designing a surrealist magazine (purchase a copy if you'd like) and Instagram-level makeup. She's married to another artist, the incomparably beautiful and impossibly difficult to photograph Laura Lake.