Welcome to Jessica Rousseau Design, an Ottawa-based boutique design agency that specializes in strategic, creative graphic design. You'll work directly with Jessica Rousseau, Founder + Principal, to realize a vision for your project that is thoughtfully planned, efficiently managed, and flawlessly executed. 

Client thoughts

I was impressed with Jessica’s very thoughtful design process. Rather than making assumptions, Jessica takes time over several meetings to guide you through creating a design that best reflects how you want to present yourself and your company to the world.
— Helen Ries, Great River Consulting
Jessica asked really interesting questions that not only helped her understand who I was but also helped me understand what I wanted my business to do and why. The logo she designed for me really represents me and my business, and I was able to build a strong brand around it.
— Tabatha Soltay, TabTalks
I honestly cannot overstate what an incredible experience it was to work with her. She understood immediately every special element of what I needed for our designs and signage and she put it together in a package that was balanced, beautiful and exuberant.
— Sheena Zain, Aziz & Company

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Squarespace offers incredible potential for small- and medium-sized businesses, consultants, and startups. JRD offers services ranging from full implementation of a site on this platform to small coding projects that augment Squarespace's proprietary offerings.  

individual & team Training 

Sometimes even an hour of training can open up a world of potential. This training can resolve technical issues but usually focuses on strategic use of the Squarespace platform.

Minor customization

Need something that the Squarespace system doesn't offer? Perhaps a few hours of coding will be all you need to integrate that other system or necessary service offering. 

Consultation & strategy

For businesses who have a Squarespace site that might not be living up to its potential, a site audit or strategy consultation will provide answers to better functionality. 

Full implementation

Squarespace enables clients to manage and edit their sites easily. It is JRD's go-to option for small businesses and startups who want to hire a designer for start-to-finish implementation.

JRD often works with individuals and organizations who need a comprehensive package of marketing materials. A website is crucial in the modern business environment, but so are business cards, letterhead, sales documents, and a host of other items depending on the sales goals at hand. 

Logos and branding

We specialize in logos and the branding that accompanies it. A logo is the foundation from which the rest of the design emerges - we make it functional, targeted, and easy-to-manage. 

Sales documents

Nothing beats a document in-hand at the moment of contact. The kind produced here are multi-use, provided as digital and printable, easily updated, and have long-term value. 

Signage & Boothware

For companies with a physical presence, this is something that shouldn't be rushed, or skimped. Every part of your brand should be an experience that draws your customers further in.

Swag & giveaways

Swag doesn't have to be wasteful or throw-away. JRD creates beautiful, creative giveaways that enhance your marketing vision and won't just end up in a landfill at the end of the show.