Jessica Rousseau Design works with different partners on large projects, bringing in talent for the best possible final project. Focusing on her partners' specialities, she brings them in for projects where their industry knowledge suits best.

Marketing, Public Relations & Social Media Management

market2world communications

market2world communications  is a full-service marketing company, and specializes in public relations and product marketing in the technology and business enterprise spheres.

Danger Communications

Danger Communications is a boutique communications agency, serving local clients in the digital and social media environments as well as traditional media relations and marketing.


Richard Dufault

I recommend Richard if you are new to having your photo taken and want a friendly photographer to help you through the experience of looking your best. Specialties:

  • Groups
  • Portraits
  • Events

DeSa Photography

Lighting and space play together to create photographs that capture the beautiful essence of people in a time and place. Specialties: 

  • Portraits
  • Interiors

Icon Imaging Photography

Jonathan Harrington has a beautifully artistic eye, and many years of experience. He works in both the artistic and commercial photography communities. Specialties:

  • Portraits
  • Events
  • Architecture & interiors



Switchclick offers software solutions, full Wordpress website development, and custom CMS development. Responsive and adept, they offer the best solutions to help get your site up and running smoothly.


Laura Lake

Bright colours reminiscent of 90's era videogames articulate images of everything you can imagine. With influences from NES games to anime, Laura's style is eye-catching, detailed, and surreal.