JRD often works with individuals and organizations who need a comprehensive package of marketing materials. A website is crucial in the modern business environment, but so are business cards, letterhead, sales documents, and a host of other items depending on the sales goals at hand. 

Logos and branding

We specialize in logos and the branding that accompanies it. A logo is the foundation from which the rest of the design emerges - we make it functional, targeted, and easy-to-manage. 

Sales documents

Nothing beats a document in-hand at the moment of contact. The kind produced here are multi-use, provided as digital and printable, easily updated, and have long-term value. 

Signage & Boothware

For companies with a physical presence, this is something that shouldn't be rushed, or skimped. Every part of your brand should be an experience that draws your customers further in.

Swag & giveaways

Swag doesn't have to be wasteful or throw-away. JRD creates beautiful, creative giveaways that enhance your marketing vision and won't just end up in a landfill at the end of the show.